Why use our Data Warehouse?

Setting up your own data warehouse can take months. Instead use ours and get up and running in days. Simply set up an account with us and start running queries using BI tools (like Power BI) or even raw SQL. Forget the ETL, Storage, DevOps and be productive from day 1.

Set up in minutes

With or Without SDK

Integrate our SDK with just a few lines of code. Alternatively, use any of our distribution partners to start sending data in minutes.

We'll handle the tech

We handle the tech. You focus on analysis

You focus on the analytics.

Extraction, Transformation and Loading is complicated. Let us take care of Data Collection, Transformation, Changed Schemas, Data Anomalies, Scalability and other problems. You focus on what matters most - analysis.

Run your analytic queries

Using SQL, Power BI, Tableau or similar tools

Analyze your push notifications to find out which notifications are working. Segment your users with behavioral analytics, Analyze reasons for poor User Retention and much more.


Key Features

Connect easily

load data into our warehouse with few clicks

Your data is safe

We use 128-bit SSL protection to secure your data

Near Real time

Maximum latency of an hours


Your data grows with you

Fully managed schema

New rows and tables will get added automatically whenever you track new events


Distributed and fault tolerant

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